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Exchange students who take part in the Language Tandem Scheme will be linked up with native students who are studying their language.

Open to all Heriot-Watt students World Wide

Our aim is to ensure that International exchange students receive the warmest welcome and feel integrated in our community. The scheme is open to all students, so that it can help improve their fluency and the cultural knowledge of any language they wish.


Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our Langauge Tandem Scheme.

Every student will meet with their link ideally once or twice a week. However, it is total flexibility as to when and where you would like to meet. It is recommended that you spend 30 minutes conversing in one language and 30 mins in another once again this is totally up to you and your Link.

It’s up to you how you choose to contact each other. Initial contact is made through the tandem shceme by sending friend reqeusts to whoever thats shown on your dashboard. People who accept your request will be shown as Links in your Links.

No, it’s up to you how many times you meet your link, but it is recommended that you meet at least once a week to keep your language skills up to par.

There’s no specific time to meet your link, it’s up to both of you to arrange a time and place that works.

You should contact your Service Administrator: Santiago (s.chumbe@hw.ac.uk)

Contact S.Chumbe@hw.ac.uk to get assistance and support

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